About Us

Who We Are


Affinity Care Services is a partnership care support business, founded by partners with more than 20 years’ experience providing specialist and general support for young people who live on their own or with their parents or carers. 

Our Values


Respect - We are person-centred and understand that dignity and respect must be preserved, so we support you in making your own decisions. 

Freedom - We believe in freedom – within safe boundaries, while encouraging independence wherever possible. In peace of mind – for clients. We also take seriously one of the most significant concerns for young adults - losing independence. Therefore, we ensure that the rights of adulthood to explore freedom and independence is reserved. 

Uniqueness - Everyone is unique to us and deserves a bespoke level of support and attention.  Therefore, we put individual choice at the heart of our design and activity planning.

Enjoy life -  this is one of our core values as we understand that happiness depends on the ability to live life as desired. Therefore, the emotional, psychological, physical and medical needs of your loved one, in combination with their personal lifestyle preferences, will be well looked after. 

Our Vision


Affinity Care Services  as the name implies has a passionate and natural empathy and rapport that  provides a quality and exceptional support/care service for young adults.

Affinity Care Services has emerged out of a genuine passion to provide support for young adults with special needs and leaning difficulties.

We specialise in the support and care for young adults and are passionate about providing an excellent service to young people and adults who are making their own decisions and choices about what they want to do in their lives and to be able to be involved in opportunities and activities of their choice in and outside the community.

Our goal is to create an experience that would give our clients a sense of ownership and belonging in the society.